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    1. What is AmSpirit Business Connections?
      AmSpirit Business Connections is a national organization of business owners, sales reps, professional advisors, and entrepreneurs.  These members meet weekly in a structured 60-75 minute meeting for the express purpose of exchanging qualified new business referrals.
    2. What makes AmSpirit different than other ‘tips groups’ or ‘lead clubs’?

      Culture– Our membership is comprised of busy professionals who are working hard to be successful and are working with up-market customers.

      Relationship Orientation– We believe that referrals come from relationships that Know, Like, and Trust each other.  Our program facilitates those relationships.

      Local Leadership– Everything rises and falls on Leadership.  We believe strong chapter-level and regional leadership is the key to a productive organization.

      Focused Membership – Not just anyone with a pulse and a check for the application fee can be a member in AmSpirit.  We have specific categories we pursue and a specific culture to protect.

      Chapter Training Programs – There are extensive referral and networking trainings available to each member.

      Events – When you join AmSpirit Business Connections you join an organization, not just a chapter.  Our regional events give you the opportunity to meet dozens of new professionals in the area: both members and guests.

      Professional Development and Referral Training – Unlike other organizations our training and development is baked-in to your membership, not sold at an additional cost.

    3. What professional categories make the most sense for AmSpirit?
      Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Banker, Accountant, Attorney, Mortgage Lender, Realtor, Title Agent, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Business Broker, Franchise Consultant, Business Valuators, Consultants, Merchant Services Rep, Payroll Services Rep, IT Consultant, Business Coach, PR Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Printers, Marketing Consultants, Advertising Agencies, Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, HR Consultants, PR Firms, Administrative Assistants, Book Keepers, Loan Brokers, Equipment Lease Brokers, Alternative Financing Providers, etc.Essentially any up-market focused, B2B centric, sales person, entrepreneur, advisor, or business owner is a good fit.
    4. What does it cost to get involved in AmSpirit?
      An hour a week and a few hundred dollars per year (details available at the meeting).  The hour per week should be more expensive to you than the few hundred dollars.  If that’s not the case then this is most likely not a good fit for you.
    5. Can I visit for free?
      Guests are welcome to visit any chapter two times.  Please come the third time with a check, application, and new member questionnaire for consideration by the chapter.
    6. What is the meeting like?
      Our weekly meeting lasts 60-75 minutes and follows a structured agenda.  The agenda always includes some procedural items for the chapter as well as a chance for everyone to be introduced.  Each week a member will give a 20 minute presentation on their business.   The meeting ends with the members passing our referral bucket and exchanging qualified referrals.
    7. What is the culture of AmSpirit Business Connections?
      Our Members are professionals who would be best described as:  Up-Market, Professional, B2B Focused, busy, working to be successful
    8. What are the rules and regulations like?
      Like any organization we have rules.  Our rules are: Kind, Positive, Appreciative, Realistic, Flexible, & Results-Oriented